Electrical Safety Lab

Lab Overview

Anbotek Electrical Safety Laboratory is one of the earliest laboratories of the company to provide safety testing and certification for various projects in commercial and residential electrical and electronic products. The Anbotek testing organization has advanced testing equipment and instruments. It has rich experience in safety engineering and more than 20 professional technical engineers, which can fully meet the needs of customer testing and certification.

Laboratory Capabilities Introduction

Service Scope

• Assist customers in eliminating potential safety hazards during product design, such as clearance, creepage distance, and evaluation of structural design to avoid loss of mold modification.

• Conduct electrical testing, structural evaluation, and submit an audit report for the pre-product certification phase.

• Communicate with the certification body and act on behalf of the client to perform the application documents, which can save application time and reduce the troubles for customers in the application process.

• Assist clients in handling factory audits and help to resolve the questions found in factory audits. Assist manufacturers to conduct SAFETY personnel training standard consultation, laboratory facility rental.

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