Australian GEMS Cert

brief introduction

Australia and New Zealand issued the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Bill 2012 (GEMS), which came into effect on October 1, 2012.New GEMS and regulations not only covers the main policy before: mandatory low energy performance standards (MEPS) and energy efficiency labels (ERLS) as well as the equipment energy efficiency program (E3), and expand the energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy utilization efficiency category, guidance to the enterprises and consumers in the perspective of the whole product life cycle with low running cost, make the best choice.
From October 2012, GEMS certification in Australia and New Zealand will gradually replace MEPS certification in Australia with GEMS certification in energy efficiency.The new Australian energy efficiency certification transition period is October 1, 2012 solstice September 30, 2013.For products that have applied for MEPS certification, free conversion to GEMS certification is allowed during the transition period.After the transition period, MEPS certification will no longer be recognized.GEMS certification is mandatory. Products under the control must be certified by GEMS before they can be sold in the market, and the applicant must be a locally registered company in Australia.


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