Brazil UCIEE Cert

brief introduction

As of July 1, 2011, all household and related electrical products (such as kettles, irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.) sold in Brazil must have a compulsory certification by INMetro, according to the 371 Decreon issued by Brazil. Chapter III of the Act provides for mandatory certification of household appliances, and testing of products is conducted in laboratories accredited by INMETRO, each with a designated scope for the product.

At present, Brazil's product certification is divided into mandatory certification and voluntary certification of two kinds. Compulsory certification of products includes medical equipment, circuit breakers, equipment for use in hazardous places, household plugs and sockets, household switches, wires and cables and their components, fluorescent lamp ballasts, etc. These certification must be carried out by a certification body recognized by INMETRO. Other certification is not acceptable.


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