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Brazil's National certification and accreditation work and National standards by The Brazilian Bureau of Standardization and Industrial Quality (The National Institute of Metrolo-GY, Standardization and Industrial Quality, referred to as INMETRO) responsible for, is Brazil's National accreditation body, belongs to The government organization. UC (Unico Certificadora) is the national certification authority in Brazil. In Brazil, UCIEE is the key issuer of UC certificates and the product verification agency in Brazil under the jurisdiction of INMETRO, Brazil's Bureau of Standardization and Industrial Quality.


Brazilian Certification Service

As of July 1, 2011, all household and related electrical products (such as water kettles, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.) sold in Brazil are subject to compulsory certification by INMetro, according to the 371 Decreon issued by Brazil. Chapter III of the Act provides for mandatory certification of household appliances, and testing of products is conducted in laboratories accredited by INMETRO, each with a designated scope for the product. At present, Brazil's product certification is divided into mandatory certification and voluntary certification of two kinds. Compulsory certification of products includes medical equipment, circuit breakers, equipment for use in hazardous places, household plugs and sockets, household switches, wires and cables and their components, fluorescent lamp ballasts, etc. These certification must be carried out by a certification body recognized by INMETRO. Other certification is not acceptable. There are few accredited overseas laboratories in Brazil. Most products need to be tested by sending samples to designated laboratories in Brazil. As a global network resource, Intertek has cooperated with INMETRO accredited laboratory in Brazil, so as to realize local testing, save a lot of trouble to send samples to overseas, and help you quickly explore the international market. According to Act 371 of 29 December 2009, household appliances sold in Brazil and applicable to IEC60335-1&IEC 60335-2-X must comply with the requirements of this Act. For producers and importers, the Act provides a three-stage timetable for implementation. The detailed schedule is as follows: Starting from 1 July 2011 -- Manufacturers and importers should produce and only import certified equipment. Beginning July 1, 2012 - Manufacturers and importers can only sell certified equipment to the retail/wholesale industry. Starting January 1, 2013 - The retail/wholesale industry can only sell certified equipment. Query more about 371 laws and other regulations, please enter the INMETRO's official website:

Product range

Inmetro mandatory certification of product types

An electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mower

Electric soil looser

Electric leaf blower

The charger

Household wall switch

A household plug or socket

Wire and cable

Household low voltage circuit breaker

The compressor

Gas energy system instruments

Voltage regulator

Electronic ballast

Gas equipment


Inmetro voluntary certification of product types

Power tools and garden tools (other than products requiring mandatory certification)

Wire and cable

The connector


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