China SRRC Cert

brief introduction

According to the Regulation on administration of import of Radio transmitting equipment and the production of Radio transmitting equipment management regulations, in order to strengthen the management of import and production of Radio transmitting equipment, all of the People's Republic of China to export of Radio transmitting equipment, or within the territory of the People's Republic of China (including trial production) production of Radio transmitting equipment, shall be held by the national Radio management Committee, the State Radio Regulation Committee, SRRC) for its characteristics of transmission type approval for the Radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate issued by the.Model approval code shall be indicated on the label of ex-factory equipment.Radio transmitting equipment is defined as a radio communications, navigation, positioning, direction finding, radar, remote control, remote sensing, radio, television, and micro power (short) in the equipment of all kinds of radio waves, such as industrial, scientific research, but does not include the electromagnetic wave radiation medical equipment, electric transportation systems, high voltage power lines and other electrical devices, etc.At present by the ministry of information industry Radio administration identified testing institutions are: State Radio Monitoring Center (SRMC).


Main test content: RMS phase error;Frequency tolerance;Power control;Rf output modulation spectrum;

Conduction stray emission;Peak phase error;High average power;Burst time power relationship;

Rf output switching spectrum;Static reference sensitivity;Stray emission of radiation;