Customs union CU Cert

brief introduction

The CU certification of the customs union formed by Russia, belarus and kazakhstan is the unified mark of the EAC according to the resolution 526 of the alliance committee on January 28, 2011. There are 61 categories of products requiring CU certification, which will be enforced in batches from February 15, 2013.


CU certification classification

CU certificate

CU conformance statement

CU certificate and CU conform to the declared product range

CU conformity statement: general mechanical products and other parts of products, such as: forklift, tractor, industrial equipment, etc.

Validity of certificate

The validity period of CU certification is divided into: single batch certificate, 1-year certificate, 3-year certificate and 5-year certificate;A single batch of certificates shall be submitted to the supply contract signed with cis countries;Certificates of validity of 1 year or above are called continuous certificates and can be exported for many times within the validity period.

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