Eu CE Cert

brief introduction

CE certification is a major requirement, constitutes the core of the European directive in the European Union on May 7, 1985, (85 / C136/01), a new method of technology coordination and the standard of the resolution to need as the purpose of formulating and implementing directive has a specific meaning, which is limited to products do not endanger the safety of the human animal and products in terms of the basic safety requirements, rather than the general quality requirements, coordination command only main requirements, general instruction requirement is a standard taskIf the product meets the main requirements of the relevant directive, the CE mark can be added, instead of deciding whether the CE mark can be used according to the general quality requirements of the relevant standard


The necessity of applying for CE certification

CE certification, products for all countries in the European market to trade provides a unified specification, simplify trade procedures of any country products to enter the European free trade area must be CE certification, the product is labeled with CE marking and CE certification products into the European Union and the European free trade zone countries market pass CE said the product has reached the eu directive requires security requirements;It is a kind of commitment of enterprises to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in products.CE mark products will reduce the risk of sale in the European market.

Risk of being detained and investigated by the customs;Risk of being investigated and dealt with by market supervision agencies;The risk of being accused by a peer for competitive purposes.

Benefits of applying for CE certification

The number and complexity of eu laws, regulations and harmonisation standards make it a time-saving, labor-saving and risk-reducing idea to get help from the eu's designated agencies.Obtain the CE certificate designated by the eu, which can maximize the trust of consumers and market regulators;Can effectively prevent the emergence of those irresponsible accusations;In the case of litigation, the CE certificate of the designated institution of the eu will become the technical evidence with legal effect.

CE mark instruction

In recent years, in the European economic area (the European Union, the European free trade association member, except Switzerland) in the sale of products on the market, the use of the CE mark is increasing, the CE mark labeled with commodity said it is in line with safety and health, environmental protection and consumer protection, and a series of European directives to express requirements as in December 1997, the ec directive issued a CE marking are as follows.

Mechanical instruction low voltage instruction electromagnetic compatibility instruction building materials instruction pressure equipment instruction noise instruction pleasure yacht instruction elevator instruction explosion-proof instruction medical equipment instruction personal protective equipment instruction wireless communication instruction gas instruction measuring instrument instruction.

Scope of CE certification

The CE mark is required by both the EU and EEA countries. As of January 2013, the EU has 27 member states, namely

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (Great Britain), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria.

Three members of EFTA :Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

Semi-eu country :Turkey

Technical documents to be prepared for CE certification

1. name and address of the manufacturer (authorized representative of the eu (authorized agent of the eu)AR), name and model of the product, etc.; 2. Product operation manual; 3. Safety design documents (including key structure drawing, that is, the design drawing reflecting the number and thickness of insulation layer of climbing distance clearance); 4. Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards) and establishment of technical data; 5. Schematic diagram and circuit diagram of electrical appliances; 6. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification mark); 7. Testing Report; 8 relevant certificate issued by NB, authorized certification authority of the European Union (for other modes other than mode A); 9 certificate of registration of the product in the eu (for some products such as Class I medical devices, ordinary IVD in vitro diagnostic medical devices);10. CE declaration of compliance (DOC)

Product type of CE certification

1. power CE certification: communication power switch power charger display power LED power LCD power UPS, etc.

2. CE certification of lamps: chandelier, track lamp, courtyard lamp, hand lamp, down lamp, LED lamp string, lamp, LED spot lamp, LED bulb lamp, grille lamp, aquarium lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, energy saving lamp, T8 lamp, etc.

3. CE certification of home appliances: fan, electric kettle, stereo, TV, mouse, vacuum cleaner, etc.

4. electronic CE certification: earplug router, mobile phone battery, laser pointer, vibrator, etc.

5. communications products CE certification: telephone landline telephone answering machine main machine and fax machine machine data interface card and other communications products

6 wireless products CE certification: bluetooth BT products tablet wireless keyboard wireless radio, speaking, reading and writing of the mouse wireless transceiver radio wireless microphone remote wireless network device wireless image transmission system and other low power wireless products, etc.;

7. CE certification of wireless communication products :2G mobile phone 3G mobile phone 3.5g mobile phone DECT mobile phone (1.8g, 1.9g band) wireless walkie-talkie, etc.

8. mechanical CE certification: gasoline engine electric welding machine CNC drilling machine tool grinder lawn mower lift punching machine washing equipment bulldozer dishwasher hair water treatment equipment gasoline welder printing machinery woodworking machinery rotating drill grass trimmer snowplow excavator printer printer cutter roller screeding machine cutting machine straight iron food machinery of lawn machine, etc.;

9. CE certification of medical devices

Notice for CE certification

Need to do CE certification, pay attention to seek authority CE certification bodies, after testing qualified products through the CE certification is true CE certification, shenzhen Anbotek ember testing different from CE agency shares/CE consultancy with CE consulting company, it has a professional independent laboratory, rich experience in the CE certification, can provide one-stop comprehensive and testing and certification services, Britain and the United States58 countries and regions, including Germany, have reached mutual recognition agreements, and the test report has international credibility. As a CE certification company of an authoritative CE certification organization, it is a third party laboratory for the standardization of German TUV law, and it can be the agent of German tuv-ce certification.

European Union CE certification preferred Anbotek testing shares, welcome to conduct CE product consultation and CE product certification

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