German GS Cert

brief introduction

GS is German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (security certified), there are "Germany Safety" (German security) the meaning of it in 1977, the labor department issued by Germany, to the German product Safety law given (GSG) as the basis, according to the European standard EN or German industrial standards DIN for testing a voluntary certification, is the European market recognized German security authentication marks to apply for GS marks and the certificate of product must be certified by a third party independent institutions in accordance with European standards (EN) or German standard (DIN) executing the test,And inspection on production enterprise quality assurance system, through after can get GS marks and certificates, certificate applicants can GS marks on the product certification body is a year of production enterprises implement the factory inspection, to ensure conformity of the product and consistency GS marks for a voluntary test marks to pass the test of the product, indicate the other institutions has been testing the safety of the product, and continue to maintain production control GS mark said it had government insurance is in Germany's industrial importer distributor trading company and the requirements of the consumer agency, this symbol to prove the products comply with technologyGerman product safety law the provisions of these institutions may not be able to manage itself from around the world, the consistency of the product, but want to remove the uncertainty of product liability and to achieve customer satisfaction and the concept of the GS mark is quite successful, not only become a marketing standard, also popular in Europe and many other countries to the general dealers and customers the support of the GS mark means this product has been the use of security through the credibility of the independent testingGS mark, though not legal force, but it does happen in the product fault caused the accident, the manufacturer tightly in Germany (Europe) product safety constraints, so the GS mark is a powerful marketing tool, can enhance the confidence of the customer and the purchase desire although GS is Germany standard, but the vast majority of European countries recognize and meet GS certification at the same time, the products can meet the requirements of the ec CE markingUnlike CE, there is no mandatory requirement for GS mark. However, due to the fact that safety awareness has penetrated into ordinary consumers, an electrical appliance with GS mark may have greater competitiveness in the market than ordinary products.

GS mark

Nature: voluntary (V)

Requirements: yes

Factory inspection: necessary

Voltage: 230V (single phase), 400V (three-phase)

Frequency: 50 hz


The certification body that can issue GS mark

TUV nande, TUV Rhine, VDE, NEMKO, ul-demko, etc

GS certification product range

● household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc.

● household machinery.

● sporting goods.

● household electronic devices, such as audio-visual devices.Electrical and electronic office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, shredders, computers, printers, etc.Industrial machinery, experimental measurement equipment.

● other safety related products such as bicycles, helmets, climbing stairs, furniture, etc.

GS certification application process

(1) application: the applicant shall submit the documents that meet the requirements. For electrical products, it is necessary to submit the final assembly drawing, electrical schematic diagram, material list, product use or installation instructions, and description of differences between series models.

(2) sample testing: the testing will be carried out in accordance with the applicable standards and may be carried out in the manufacturer's laboratory or in any laboratory of the inspection institution in any country.

(3) factory inspection: GS certification requires the inspection of safety-related procedures on the production site.(4) issue GS certificate.

The time and cost of applying for GS certification

In general, the length of time depends on whether the product need to be modified or manufacturer product files needed to submit data in general, the speed of are usually the time needed to about 6 ~ 8 weeks costs include a one-time certification, the number of factory inspection fee and certificate fee will be decided according to the product category and required test certification institution after receiving the applicant to submit the required documents will provide the price for you reference, each certification institution market policy credibility, the price will be different.

The difference between GS and CE

GS: voluntary certification applicable safety regulations in Germany for testing by the German government issued by the independent third party testing and authorized by the GS mark certificate must pay annual fee each year factory inspection must be conducted by authorized unit tests to issue GS marks, credibility and high market acceptance CE: compulsory certification for the European standard (EN) for testing in a complete technical documents (including test report) under the premise of self declaration does not need to factory inspection factory self declaration of conformity of product, credibility and the low degree of market acceptance.

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