Global recognition of CB Cert

brief introduction

IECEE - is the IECEE CB system the mutual recognition of test certificates system on electrical products, is one of the working system of the IECEE consists of two CB system's main goal is to promote the unity of the national institute of standards and international standards coordination and cooperation, product certification organizations make manufacturers more close to the ideal of a test, several applicable targets, so as to promote international trade within the IECEE CB system more than 50 members of more than 70 national certification body (NCB) multilateral agreement together, can make the applicant with a certain NCB of CBTest certificates and test reports obtained by the national certification or market access of other member states of the CB system CB system is based on IEC standards. If the standards of the export target country/region are not fully equivalent to IEC standards, the test shall also take into account the country/region's declared national differences.


For applicants

MISC information technology and office equipment (OFF) low voltage high power switching equipment (POW) installation protection equipment (PROT) safety transformers and similar equipment (SAFE) portable power tools (TOOL) electronic entertainment equipment (CABL) electric wire and cable as components capacitor (CAP) appliance switch and automatic controller for household appliances (CONT)Energy efficiency (E3) household and similar equipment (HOUS) installation accessories and connectors (INST) lighting equipment (LITE)

For applicants

1. When applying for CB certificate, what are the requirements for the applicant? Can multiple applicants and multiple factories be applied for once and tested once?

The applicant should be able to bear legal responsibility if independent entity applicant entrusted agent to carry out for CB test certificate, power of attorney shall be submitted to the license issuing agency by an application for a test of CB test certificate can make the product coverage of one or a few countries of one or more factories, but each CB test certificate corresponding if the applicant is only one application contains more than one factory, the applicant shall indicate each factory address, and shall be submitted to ensure that products from different factories are the same proof (statement) may require the applicant to the CB

The applicant shall pay a surcharge to the IECEE for each CB test certificate issued when any of the addresses in the applicant/manufacturer/manufacturer information is located in a non-iecee member country. 2. Can multiple trademarks be used for one CB certificate?

What if there are changes?

According to the requirements of IECEE rules, since January 1, 2006, each CB certificate can only correspond to one trademark Brand, and each application unit can only contain one Brand name. If the product has multiple trademark brands,

Should the applicant shall ensure that the filing of the trademark has been registered or after the authorization of the trademark holders if it is the applicant for trademark holder authorized to use, you must have relevant authorization certificate if the trademark is changed, the applicant shall submit to the license issuing agency timely change applications and provide proof that the situation by the license issuing agencies shall, in accordance with the processing, change number does not make the limit 3. Other matters needing attention:

Due to CB testing is based on IEC standard, there are some not CB member, as long as its rules and regulations are based on IEC standard to test the product, can also be recognized differences in CB certificate and test report to the national standard test results as after the attachment of test report, in order to be complete and effective target market congress refused to accept CB certificate/report will be required to resubmit the sample, or to the local test, this will extend the recognition time and to spend more so when the cost of enterprise applying to CB Certificate, it should fully consider product may sales scope, to NCB and CBTL products is expected to export countries and regions, in order to clear the different national standards, the CBTL in tests of the content of the relevant national differences as a test, one-time test of national differences, avoid the use of CB certification certificate and report to apply for abroad, meet will not be approved

Use of CB certificates and reports

1. The use of the CB test certificate and CB test certificate is only in its due to CB test report at the same time when using valid certificate holders can be directly used to CB test certificate and test report for other members of the national certification the IECEE CB system - CB system members and recognition range information, see the following url:

OpenView 2. CB test certificate period of validity of the IECEE for CB test certificate is valid rules do not explicitly approved NCB but usually the time more than three years of CB test certificate to objection 3. CB logo CB logo products cannot be directly used in business promotion, such as printing on the product packaging but certificate shall be in the business letters refer to the purchaser to obtain CB test certificate,

4. Release of CB test certificate information after obtaining the consent of the certificate applicant, part of the CB test certificate information will be published in the open area of the IECEE website.

Facilitate the applicants and their customers query url is as follows: 5. CB test certificate and report the change of name a) address of factory changes the applicant can provide relevant documents, apply to the license issuing agency, such a change there is no limit on the number, the license issuing agency for certificate to keep the original certificate number after a suffix A1, A2, A3, etc as well as the certificate content and reasons for the changes in the additional information shows that b) the change of key components and raw materials

If the key parts or raw materials are changed, apply for change to license-issuing organs and provide related technical materials for change. License-issuing organs designate testing organs to issue difference test reports.

Change the number up to three times, more than three times must be issued new CB test certificate no. 6. CB test certificate approval process dispute handling the applicant holds a releasing authority shall issue the CB certificate encountered in the process of obtaining other NCB recognition in question and/or approved, the applicant shall, first of all, ask approval NCB or NCB's test facility for specific reasons if recognition of CB test report some technical content is in doubt, the applicant should actively contact the license issuing agency and/or testing institutions feedback,

Solve the problem together according to the actual situation. If the applicant encounters unfair treatment when using CB certificate, he/she should pay attention to keep the evidence such as the incoming mail and give feedback to the license-issuing agency. The license-issuing agency will take measures including but not limited to filing an appeal to the IECEE appeal board according to the dispute.

As a CBTL laboratory under NCB TUV RH JP, ambo can directly issue CB test reports in fields such as IT AV lamps and batteries, which can shorten the certification cycle for customers