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brief introduction

BIS certification is The Bureau of Indian Standards, The ISI certification body.The BIS is responsible for product certification under The BIS Act 1986 and is The only certification body for products in India.BIS has five district offices and 19 sub-offices.It was formally established in 1987 to replace the Indian standards institute, which was established in 1946.District bureau supervision corresponding sub-bureau.The eight laboratories affiliated with BIS and several independent laboratories are responsible for the inspection of samples taken during the product certification process.These laboratories are implemented according to ISO/ iec 17025:1999.The BIS, part of the department of consumer affairs and public distribution, is a social corporate body that performs government functions. Its main task is to develop and implement national standards.Implementing the conformity assessment system;Participate in ISO, IEC and other international standardization activities on behalf of the country.It has been 50 years since the BIS predecessor, the standards institute of India, began product certification in 1955.So far, the BIS has issued more than 30,000 product certificates covering almost every industrial sector, from agricultural products to textiles to electronics.


Scope of certification

First batch (MANDATORY) : certification field BIS certification is applicable to any manufacturer in any country. 2. Electric iron, hot kettle, electric stove, heater and other household appliances; 3. Cement and concrete; 4. Circuit breaker; 5. Steel; 6. Electricity meter; 7. Auto parts; 8. Food and milk powder; 9. The bottle; 10. Tungsten lamp; 11. Oil pressure furnace; 12. Large transformer; 13. The plug; 14. Medium and high voltage wire and cable; 15. Self-ballast bulb.(in batches since 1986)

The second batch (COMPULSORY) : there are COMPULSORY registered products for electronic information technology equipment, including: 1.2. Portable computer; 3. Notebook;Tablets; 4.5. Display with screen size of 32 inches or above;6. Video monitor;7. Printer, plotter and scanner;8. Wireless keyboard;9. Answering machine;10. Automatic data processor;Microwave oven; 11.12. Projector;13. Electronic clock with power grid;14. Power amplifier;15. Electronic music system (mandatory since March 2013)

The second batch of added (COMPULSORY) : 16. Power adapter of IT equipment; 17.AV equipment power adapter; 18.UPS (uninterrupted power supply); 19. Dc or ac LED module; 20. The battery; 21. Self-ballast LED light; 22. The LED lamps and lanterns; 23. The phone; 24. Cash register; 25. Sales terminal equipment; 26. Photocopier; 27. Smart card reader; 28. Post processor, automatic stamping machine; 29. Pass reader; 30. Mobile power.(compulsory since November 2014)

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