ISC Cert in Cambodia

brief introduction

Isc, Cambodia, bureau of standards (InstituteofStandardsofCambodia, isc) for exports to the country's "controlled products", in October 2004 began to implement the so-called product certification system (ProductCertificationScheme), there are two main types of for compulsory and optional standards.The regulated products cover chemicals, electronics, appliances and food.In 2006, Cambodia's ministry of industry, energy and commerce jointly issued mandatory certification requirements for chemicals, food and electrical and electronic products.If the above products are imported to Cambodia, they must be certified for product safety, registered in the industrial standards department of Cambodia, and issued with the confirmation letter of import products before the customs releases the goods.There are more than 100 products involved, mainly including:

1. Food: all foods; 2. Chemicals; 3. Electrical and electronic products: 1) juice machine, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and other small appliances; 2) wires, plugs, switches, fuses; 3)IT products, video and audio products (TV, DVD, computer, etc.); 4) lamp holder, lamp decoration and power adapter; 5) power tools


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