Israel SII Cert

brief introduction

Israel SII agency is Standards Institution of Israel, is responsible for the Israeli national standard research first become NCB for Israel and the Middle East countries, SII as non-governmental organisations (ngos), domestic and foreign inputs into Israel to provide a safe, environmental protection, inspection services such as apply for certification of SII, must carry out the corresponding factory inspection, and packing of the products, color also need to conform to the requirements of the Arab religious force in Israel compulsory certification.

Need to understand in many ways, and Israel countries enacted law, all the goods must be performed by the SII institutions when entering Israel corresponding goods inspection, to confirm the shipment is in conformity with Israel national standard requirements of the trade and industry labor department will have this certification program is called a presumption of conformity.

Inspection, the goods in batches, where each type of goods to check, the last test certificate can be used to check out the next used when testing the goods, but not directly to replace the goods inspection, only will shorten in the retention period of the goods at the customs, in order to save a part of the customer in the stagnation of the customs fee (usually SII goods inspection time is about 40 days).


In the implementation of the above goods inspection, product in Israel inland city doesn't belong to the scope of compulsory certification, can you don't need to apply for SII product certification, issued by SII supplier can also directly to the Israeli importer of goods testing certificate to prove that the product conforms to the Israel standard requirements if applicants need to apply for standard signs and safety signs, you will need to accept SII agency's annual product testing and factory inspection, factory inspection is performed by the SII institutions directly to the factory, now don't accept any other agency of factory inspection.

Although the applicant has obtained the SII safety mark, it is still not possible to avoid each inspection conducted by the SII agency entrusted by the customs, nor can the SII certificate be used to shorten the stay in the customs.

Safety voltage :230Vac frequency :50Hz CB system member: yes

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