brief introduction

KEMA (Keuring Van Elektrotechnische Materialen) is the Dutch power test for worldwide power test certification authority, KEMA KEUR is for the (electric) safety quality electrical products must comply with European low voltage sign indicates the standard, and CE products consistent specific requirement and European standard is consistent with the one product if got KEMA KEUR, meet these requirements, also means that it can automatically to suit the requirements of European law.

Nature: VoluntaryRequirements: security and EMCVoltage: 230 vacFrequency: 50 hzMember of CB system: yes


Dutch electrical materials association (KEMA)

N.V.K EMA execution of the European Community law on low voltage electrical products (February 19, 1973), a Dutch electronics law requires all in Dutch market sales of electrical products shall meet the provisions of the safety standards as KEMA according to these standards issued by authentication marks, so a KEUR KEMA can prove that the electrician products comply with the Netherlands KEMA appliances law were approved by the department of economic affairs, and by the European Community officially sanctioned as low-voltage electrical products testing institutions in the Netherlands KEMA KEMAMost of the KEMA standards recognized by the Dutch certification board, an independent body established under the leadership of a Dutch government agency, are largely equivalent to the Dutch electrotechnical board standards (NEN standards), which are based on IEC or CENELEC standards

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