Korean KCC Cert

brief introduction

KCC is the south Korean market telecom class of type T information for compulsory certification and RF wireless RF products, including emc test telecom test such as South Korea broadcasting and wireless radio frequency communications commission authorized institute of South Korea radio (rras) are kept for KCC license issuing agency since January 1, 2011, the original system in South Korea KCC logo will be converted to KC, so KCC certification and accreditation the KC certification mark, same difference is KCC certification logo below can be started from 2018.7.1 with KCC ID number,MSIP apply only to R "at the beginning, but before the MSIP" at the beginning of the ID to apply for the certificate is still valid South Korea's national institutes of electromagnetic wave (rras) are kept 2017.12.5 revision notice, South Korea KC certification can fire MSIP EMC ID application or R beginning South Korea KC certification - EMC certificate number change MSIP "into" R, EMC certificate number - a total of 14, before change after the certificate number can't use the "underline can use, certificate number can be used in the size of English letters.


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