Kuwaiti KUCAS Cert

brief introduction

Since 17 March 2003, the industrial authority of Kuwait (PAI) has also implemented the ICCP program, which covers most household appliances, audio and video products and lighting products

The basic elements of this plan are

1) all products must comply with the national technical regulations of Kuwait or relevant international standards;

2) each shipment of specified products must be accompanied by an ICCP certificate (CC) for customs clearance.

3) upon arrival at the port of entry of the importing country, the specified goods without CC certificate may be rejected, or sampling tests may be required to be returned to the port of shipment if they do not meet the requirements of the importing country, causing unnecessary delays and losses to the exporter or manufacturer.

The ICCP program provides three ways for exporters or manufacturers to obtain CC certificates. Customers can choose the most appropriate way according to the nature of their products, the degree of compliance with standards, and the frequency of shipment. CC certificates can be issued by PAI Country Office(PCO) authorized by Kuwait

Rated voltage 230V/50HZ, British standard plug, ROHS report must be provided for battery products, LVD report for external battery needs power supply.


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