A Brief Introduction of Mexican NOM Certification

1.What is NOM certification?
NOM is the abbreviation of Normas Oficiales Mexicanas, and the NOM mark is a mandatory safety mark in Mexico, which is used to indicate that the product complies with the relevant NOM standards. The NOM logo applies to most products, including telecommunications and information technology equipment, household electrical appliances, lamps and other products that are potentially hazardous to health and safety. Whether it is locally manufactured or imported in Mexico, it must comply with the relevant NOM standards and product labeling regulations.

2. Who can and must apply for NOM certification?
According to Mexican law, the licensee of NOM must be a Mexican company, which is responsible for the quality, maintenance and reliability of the product. The test report is issued by a SECOFI-accredited laboratory and reviewed by SECOFI, ANCE or NYCE. If the product meets the relevant regulatory requirements, a certificate will be issued to the Mexican representative of the manufacturer or exporter before the product can be marked with the NOM mark.

3. Which products need to apply for NOM certification?
NOM compulsory certification products are generally electrical and electronic products with voltages exceeding 24V AC or DC. Mainly used in the fields of product safety, energy and heat effects, installation, health and agriculture.

The following products must obtain NOM certification to be allowed into the Mexican market:
(1)Electronic or electrical products for home, office and factory;
(2)Computer LAN equipment;
(3)Lighting device;
(4)Tires, toys and school supplies;
(5)Medical equipment;
(6)Wired and wireless communication products, such as wired telephones, wireless telephones, etc.;
(7)Products powered by electricity, propane, natural gas or batteries.

Post time: Jun-09-2022