A Brief Introduction of US DOE Certification

1. The Definition of DOE Certification

The full name of DOE is Department of Energy. DOE certification is an energy efficiency certification issued by DOE in accordance with the relevant electrical and electronic regulations in the United States. This certification is issued mainly to improve the efficiency of the product, reduce energy consumption, save energy, reduce the greenhouse effect, etc.

DOE certification is mandatory in the US energy efficiency certification. Level IV was made mandatory on July 1, 2011, and Level VI in February 2016. Therefore, the products in the catalogue must be certified by DOE before they can enter the US market smoothly.

2. The Benefits of DOE Certification

(1)For buyers, products with DOE certification consume less power and can save money;

(2)For the sales area, it can save energy and reduce the greenhouse effect;

(3)For manufacturers, it can enhance the competitiveness of their products.

3. DOE certified product range

(1) Battery Chargers

(2) Boilers

(3) Ceiling Fans

(4) Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

(5) Clothes Dryers

(6) Cloths Washers

(7) Computer and Battery Backup Systems

(8) External Power Supplies

(9) Dehumidifiers

(10) Direct heating Equipment

(11) Dishwashers

(12) Furnace Fans

(13) Furnaces

(14) Hearth Products

(15) Kitchen Ranges and Ovens

(16) Microwave Ovens 

(17) Miscellaneous Refrigeration

(18) Pool Heaters

(19) Portable Air Conditioners

(20) Refrigerators and Freezers

(21) Room Air Conditioners

(22) Set-Top Boxes

(23) Televisions

(24) Water Heaters 

Post time: Jun-13-2022