A Brief Introduction to IC Certification in Canada

1.The definition of IC certification:
IC is the abbreviation of Industry Canada. It stipulates that wireless products sold in Canada must pass the certification of IC certification. Therefore, IC certification is the passport and prerequisite for wireless electronic and electrical products to enter the Canadian market.
2.The range of products:
(1)Lamps and lanterns
(2)Information Technology and peripheral products
(3)Mechanical products
(4)Electrical equipment
(5)Telecommunication equipment
(6)Engineering medical equipment
According to the relevant requirements in the standard rss-gen formulated by IC and the standard ICES-003e, wireless products (such as mobile phones) must meet the limits of relevant EMC and RF, and meet the requirements of SAR in rss-102. Take gsm850/1900 module containing GPRS function or mobile phone as an example, there are RE radiation harassment and CE conduction harassment tests in EMC test. In the evaluation of SAR, if the actual use distance of the wireless module is over 20cm, the radiation safety can be evaluated in a manner similar to MPE defined in FCC according to relevant regulations.

Post time: Jun-01-2022