A Brief Introduction to UKCA Certification

1.The definition of UKCA:
The full name of UKCA is UK Conformity Assessed Marking. After Brexit, products entering the UK market must obtain the UKCA certification in advance and apply the UKCA logo on the products to comply with the UK’s product safety regulations. It serves as a mandatory access mark for products in the UK market, replacing the use of CE certification marks in the UK market. It covers most products that previously required CE mark. UKCA certification is geographically applicable to England, Wales and Scotland, but not to Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland uses the UKNI mark or follows the CE mark).
2.Products for which the UKCA mark is required are:
(1)Toy safety
(2)Recreational craft and personal watercraft
(3)Simple pressure vessels
(4)Electromagnetic compatibility
(5)Non-automatic weighing instruments
(6)Measuring instruments
(9)Radio equipment
(10)Pressure equipment
(11)Personal protective equipment
(12)Gas appliances
(14)Outdoor noise
(17)Low voltage electrical equipment
(18)Restriction of hazardous substances  
(19)Medical devices   
(20)Rail interoperability   
(21)Construction products
(22)Civil explosives

Post time: May-20-2022