CE certified product range

CE certification has a wide range, and most products exported to Europe need CE certification. According to the NLF regulations of the new legislative framework of the European Union, CE currently has 22 directives, according to which the general products are classified as follows:
1.Power supply category: communication power supply, charger, display power supply, LCD power supply, UPS, etc.
2.Luminaires category : chandelier, track lamp, garden lamp, hand lamp, simple lamp, lamp string, desk lamp, grille lamp, aquarium lamp, street lamp, energy-saving lamp.
3.Home appliances category: fan, electric kettle, stereo, TV, mouse, vacuum cleaner, etc.
4.Electronic category: earplug, router, cell phone battery, laser pointer, etc.
5.Communication category: telephone, fax machine, answering machine, data machine, data interface card and other communication products.
6.Wireless products category: BT bluetooth products, wireless mouse, remote control, wireless network devices, wireless image transmission system and other low-power wireless products.
7.Wireless communication category: 2G mobile phone,3G mobile phone,DECT mobile phone, etc.
8.Machinery category: gasoline engine, welding machine, tool grinder, lawn mower, bulldozer, elevator, punching machine, dishwasher, cutting irrigation machine, medical equipment,
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Post time: Apr-25-2022