EU RASFF food contact product notification to China

From April to May 2022, the EU RASFF notified a total of 44 cases of violating food contact  products, of which 30 were from China, accounting for 68.2%. Among them, the use of plant fibers  (bamboo fiber, rice husk, wheat straw, etc.) in plastic products  was reported the most, followed by the excessive migration of primary aromatic amines. Related companies should pay special attention!
Part of the notified cases are as follows:

Notified cases

Notified country Notified products Specific circumstance Treatment measures


Silicone muffin mold

Cyclosiloxane migration is 0.73±0.18%.



Four sets of ceramic cups

Cobalt migration is 0.064mg/L.

Market withdrawal

Czech Republic

Bamboo cup

Unauthorized use of bamboo

Market withdrawal



Unauthorized use of bamboo

Destruction/Market withdrawal


Nylon strainer

Migration of primary aromatic amines is 0.020.(test results unit not provided)

Official detention


Nylon filter

The migration of primary aromatic amines is 0.031 mg/ kg-ppm; 0.052 mg/kg – ppm;0.054 mg/kg – ppm


Italy Melamine tray The migration of trimoxamine is  3.60±1.05 mg/kg-ppm. Official detention

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Post time: Jul-14-2022