How much do you know about LFGB certification?

1.The Definition of LFGB:
LFGB is the German regulation about food and beverage. Food, including those products associated with food contact, must be approved by the LFGB to enter the German market. The commercialization of food contact material products in Germany must pass the relevant test requirements and obtain the LFGB test report.LFGB is the most important basic legal document on food hygiene management in Germany, and is the guideline and core of other special food hygiene laws and regulations.
The LFGB logo is marked with “knife and fork”, which means it is related to food. With the LFGB knife and fork logo, it means that the product has passed the German LFGB inspection. The product does not contain harmful substances and can be safely sold in the German and European markets. Products with a knife and fork logo can enhance customers’ confidence in the product and their desire to buy. It is a powerful market tool, which can greatly increase the competitiveness of products in the market.

2.Product Scope:
(1)electrical products in contact with food: toaster ovens, sandwich ovens, electric kettles, etc.
(2)kitchen utensils: food storage supplies, tempered glass cutting boards, stainless steel pots, etc.
(3)tableware: bowls, knives and forks, spoons, cups and plates, etc.
(4)clothing, bedding, towels, wigs, hats, diapers and other hygiene products
(5)textile or leather toys and toys containing textile or leather garments
(6)various cosmetics
(7)tobacco products

Post time: May-19-2022