Is SRRC certification mandatory?

1.The definition of SRRC:SRRC is the State Radio Regulatory Commission of the People’s Republic of China.SRRC certification is a mandatory certification requirement of the National Radio Regulatory Commission.Since June 1, 1999, China’s Ministry ofInformation Industry has mandated that all Radio component products sold and used in China must obtain Radio Type Approval Certification. China’s State Radio Monitoring Center(SRMC), formerly known as the State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC), is currently the only authorized institution in Mainland China to test and authenticate the requirements of radio type approval. At present, China has set special frequency ranges for different types of radio transmitting equipment, and not all frequencies can be legally used in China. In other words, all radio transmitting equipment sold or used in its territory will specify different frequencies.2.The benefits of SRRC certification:
(1)Only the radio transmitting equipment with the type approval code of China’s radio transmitting equipment can be sold and used in China;
(2) Legally sold in the Chinese domestic market;
(3)Improve the competitiveness of products;
(4)Avoid the risk of being investigated and punished by relevant departments and faced with goods detention or fines.
3. The mainly scope of SRRC certification:
All wireless products with WIFI, Bluetooth, 2/3/4G communication belong to the scope of compulsory certification. From January 1, 2019, if home appliances, lighting, switches, sockets, vehicle products, etc. are not certified by SRRC, all e-commerce platforms will force them to be removed from the shelves.


Post time: May-25-2022