Respect and love the elderly, build a warm heart of the city

On September 12, 2021,Anbotek Party Branch and Anbotek Labor Union walked into Renda Love Care Home, and sent our care and warmth to the old people living here.


On the same day, Anbotek t party branch and Anbotek union with nutritious food, gathered in the nursing home, not only sent to the material sympathy, but also sent to the comfort of the soul, a happy scene.


Expand as well as the people of the old love, respect for the elderly, to respect, love is the traditional virtue of Chinese people support, this also is the common responsibility of the whole society, need to practice seriously, each of us wants more loving people and ember join age-friendly activities, for the old man with a warm, also let every man can healthy and happy to spend their twilight years


Post time: Oct-13-2021