The EU Revises the REACH Regulatory Requirements

On April 12, 2022, the European Commission revised several information requirements for chemical registration under REACH, clarifying the information that companies need to submit when registering, making ECHA’s assessment practices more transparent and predictable. These changes will take effect from October 14, 2022. So companies should start preparing, familiarize themselves with the updated attachments, and be prepared to review their registration files.

Major updates include:

1. Further clarify the data requirements of Annex VII-X.

Through the revision of Annex VII-X of the EU REACH Regulation, the data requirements and exemption rules for mutagenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, aquatic toxicity, degradation and bioaccumulation are further standardized, and it is clarified when further tests are needed to support Categorical PBT/VPVB assessment.

2. Request for information on non-EU companies.

According to the latest regulations of Annex VI of the EU REACH Regulation, the only representative (OR) needs to submit the details of the non-EU manufacturer it represents, including the non-EU business name, address, contact information, and even the company website and identification code.

3. Improve the information requirements for substance identification.

(1) The information description requirements for substance components and nanogroups corresponding to the joint data have been further improved;

(2) The composition identification and process filling requirements of UVCB are further emphasized;

(3) The identification requirements for crystal structure are added;

(4) The requirements for substance identification and analysis report are further explained.

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Post time: May-12-2022