Nodic Cert in Nordic countries

brief introduction

Nordic countries refers to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the kingdom of certification bodies, set in the agreement between the testing results of recognition of each other, in other words, as long as your products with any country in the Nordic countries certification, if you need the rest of the three countries certification, you no longer need to provide the products for testing, can easily obtain certificate of Nordic shikoku certification respectively is refers to the NEMKO (Norway) appliance standards association SEMKO appliance standards association (Sweden)SEMKO appliance standards association (Denmark) and FIMKO (Finland) appliance standards association certification, with NEMKO sign on behalf of the product after the Norwegian certification, a series of safety testing, to ensure that the product can withstand physical loss of combustion and electronic impact current, by America's biggest test certification body UL Demko purchase, SEMKO by ITS purchase, FIMKO approved by SGS purchase but business to continue.

Nature: VoluntaryRequirements: safetyVoltage: 230 vacFrequency: 50 hzMember of CB system: yes


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