PSE Cert in Japan

brief introduction

Way to get the Japan PSE certification of Chinese enterprises with more and more countries joined the WTO, in order to in line with international standards, many countries have formulated laws and regulations of energy conservation and environmental protection on the safety of all kinds of goods to limit technical indicators, both to protect their own industry and the market level, also formed a certain technical barriers from 1 April 2001 electrical products (DENTORL) has officially changed its name to control electrical product safety act (DENAN) is different from the previous agreement of laws and regulations system of control, the new system will be by the unofficial organization to ensure the safety of the productWithin one month after purchase, Japanese buyers must register with Japan's ministry of economy, trade and industry (METI) and declare that all electrical and electronic products listed in the DENAN catalog sold in Japan must pass PSE certification.Non specific electrical products (non - specified products), including 338 kinds of product specific electrical product must be authorized by the Japanese ministry of economy of the third party certification body in terms of product and test equipment of the factory inspection, issuance of PSE certification, certification valid between 3 to 7 years, and on the product labeled with PSE diamond non specific electrical products is proved by means of self-examination and declare conformity of the product, and labeled with PSE circle on the product.


Scope of certification

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