South African SABS Cert

brief introduction

SABS(South African) is the abbreviation of South African standards bureau. South African standards bureau is a neutral third party certification body in South Africa, responsible for system certification and product certification in South Africa

1. The product conforms to a SABS/SANS national standard; 2. The product passes the corresponding standard test; 3. The quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9000 or other specified requirements; 4. Only the product and quality system meet the requirements can apply for the use of SABS logo; 5. Routine product testing should be conducted under the guidance and the test results should be able to be given; 6. Quality system evaluation shall be conducted at least twice a year, and the full content evaluation shall be required;Note: factory inspection is usually required


Product coverage



Fibre & Clothing




Civil & Building


After the SABS certificate is obtained for the product, the local agent information shall be provided to South Africa, so that the South African government will send a LOA (Letter of Authorization) and the agent, and then the customer can sell to South Africa.In terms of the level of economic development in Africa, South Africa's economic development is faster than that of other countries, and the product certification system is not perfect. At this time, if we can obtain SABS certification, the product will be very popular in the whole South African market.

Nature: MandatoryRequirements: safetyVoltage: 220 vacFrequency: 60 hzMember of CB system: yes

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