Taiwan BSMI Cert

brief introduction

BSMI stands for Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.According to Taiwan ministry of economic affairs announcement, from July 1, 2005, the product that enters Taiwan area should execute electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulation two respects.



(I) type approval batch by batch inspection or verification registration (25 items)Include accounting machines, cash registers, analog or mixed automatic data processing machine, portable digital automatic data processing machine, and other digital automatic data processing machine and other digital automatic data processor (PDP), 8471.41 or 8471.49 except the eye of the digital processing unit, terminals, dot matrix list machine, laser machine, Daisy wheel list, a list of other machine, keyboard, image scanner, other input or output units, with special program-controlled calculator or has the memory of the energy of a word processor, magnetic or optical reading machine, input data processor of the data input of automatic equipment, the other section 8471Data processor (PDP), automatic teller machines, electric power supply (capacity of not more than 10 $volt-ampere) and other electric power supply, with functions of translation or a dictionary of electrical machines, accompanied by a data processing system of drawing and machine and data processing system of drawing machines 25 item (2) the registration of item (2) "for automatic data processor (PDP) and its affiliated unit and communication apparatus with electrostatic converter" and "other switching power supply" two products by the conformity declaration, inspection way to commodity authentication to log in. (3) declaration of conformity (25 items,18 safety requirements)

1. The meter has the function of calculation of the mini type data record, reproduce and display machines, electronic calculator (not through an external power operator), accompanied by a list of device of electronic calculators and other electronic calculator, other calculators, hard disk drives, floppy disk drive, cd-rom, other disk drives and other storage unit, unit of automatic data processing, and other other 8471.10 mu of machine parts and accessories (limited inspection b computer motherboard and has b computer various interpolation of I/O card) a total of 17 items, such as item that implementation conformance statement inspection of products.

2. The word processor, typewriter, electric typewriter and other electric typewriter, the blind braille typewriter weight (less than 12 kilograms), the blind braille typewriter (weigh more than 12 kilograms), the electric typewriter weight (less than 12 kilograms), other than electric typewriter eight product change column conformance statement (DoC) test.

3. Electronic calculators (excluding external power supply operator), internal magnetic (optical) disc, computer mainframe board and plug-in card are not included in the scope of safety inspection.The BSMI, under the leadership of the government's economic department, formulates product inspection specifications for electronic and electrical products entering the Taiwan market.Products must comply with safety, EMC test and related tests before they can be authorized to use the BSMI logo. BSMI certification is mandatory. It has requirements on EMC and SAFETY.BSMI currently has no factory inspections, but must comply with bureau of standards regulations.Taiwan voltage: single-phase 110V/220, three-phase 220V, frequency 60Hz.

BSMI application method

There are two types of type approval:

1. Type approval (EMC+Safety). From January 1, 2004, 178 kinds of electrical and electronic products need to apply for such approval. Applicable standard: EMC+Safety. Documents required are (application for approval of product type, company or factory license, test report, technical documents for electromagnetic compatibility: photos, labels, parts with electromagnetic interference, block diagram and user manual, and technical documents for Safety regulations). Certificate validity: three years, can be extended once.

2. EMC type approval (replacing the original EMC application) is mandatory from November 1, 2002. Applicable products: 61 electronic and electrical products only have EMI requirements, and 124 electronic and electrical products only need EMI+ safety regulation report (if the product has safety regulation requirements).Applicable standard: only EMI. The documents to be provided are (application for emc type approval, test report, technical documents: photo, label, emc parts, block diagram and user manual). 2. Mandatory date of certification registration: it has not been announced yet. Applicable standard: EMI+ safety regulation.The documents to be provided are (application for type approval of the product, company or factory license, test report, technical documents for electromagnetic compatibility: photos, labels, parts with electromagnetic interference, block diagrams and user manuals, technical documents for safety regulations, declaration of compliance).Certificate validity: three years, can be extended once. Applicable products: 19 information technology equipment components. Applicable standard: CNS13438 (ONLY EMC).The documents required are (compliance statement, test report, technical documents: photos, labels, parts with emi, block diagram and user manual).No certificate.

For electrical and electronic products, the three application methods provided by the bureau of standards are as follows:

1. The declaration of conformity only applies to parts and components of some information technology equipment (please refer to the product description on the website of the bureau of standards inspection).

2. Apply for certification registration or type approval at the discretion of the product cost manufacturer.

3. The difference between certification registration and type approval lies in: 1. Inspection method: if the product has received type approval, the inspection of the customer will be simplified. For the application for certification registration of products, do not check the customer, take random market test.2. Fee difference: the application fee of certification registration is higher than that of formal recognition, and annual fee is charged, while the annual fee is not charged for type recognition.

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