Turturation of Argentinian corporation

brief introduction

The Argentinian corporation of Wireless authentication (ura) announces the use of the 57-64ghz frequency band as multi-gigabit Wireless System (MGW). The basic technical specifications are as follows
1. The output power shall meet all the following test items:Transmitted power :500mW (PK) radiated power :EIRP, 43dBm (PK) and 40dBm (AV)13 DBM/MHz (AV) 2. The antenna gain value need to cooperate to adjust to conform to the requirements of the output power above 3. Limited to indoor use relevant laboratory issued by the FCC/CE test report will be about Argentina ENACOM ENACOM Argentina can be used in the certification application is for the compulsory certification of wireless and telecommunication products all access to the public telecommunications network and the use of radio frequency devices, all need to apply for ENACOM certification most telecommunications line terminal equipment and radio frequency devices are required to carry out the test work, and get the relevant certificationThere are two certification form Homologacion (Argentina standard certification) or Codificacion recognized certification (there is no standard conditions) must be carried out by domestic testing laboratory equipment testing compliance telecom equipment must register in telecommunications activities and materials (RAMATEL) complete registration certification process is completed, the importer and confirm/off-the-shelf products information will automatically be transferred to the controlled by ENACOM management RAMATEL registry guidance need to arrange the local representativeThe following products need to be certified: all terminal devices connected to the public telephone network 2.4 2.4835 GHz low power spread-spectrum communication products the majority of radio equipment


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