Us EPA Cert

brief introduction

EPA is the U.S. environmental protection agency (U.S EnvironmentalProtectionAgency) abbreviations of its main task is to protect human health and the natural environment EPA has its headquarters in Washington, d.c., there are 10 local offices and dozens of laboratories in the united state more than half 18000 employees they are engineers, scientists and policy analyst is responsible for many environmental projects to set up the national standard,Monitor the execution of compulsory standards and comply with the EPA joint state and local governments issued a series of commercial and industrial license EPA certification, the main purpose of the United States environmental protection agency EPA is to protect people's health protection of ecological environment, water and land, the air we live in the environment after the establishment of more than 30 years, the EPA has been to create a clean and healthy environment for the American people and make great efforts if conform to the requirements of the EPA, the EPA will conform to the certificate.


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