Is the antenna gain report required for FCC-ID certification?

On August 25, 2022, the FCC issued the latest announcement:From now on, all FCC ID application projects need to provide antenna data sheet or Antenna test report, otherwise the ID will be cancelled within 5 working days.

This requirement was first proposed in the TCB workshop in summer 2022, and the FCC part 15 equipment should include the antenna gain information in the certification submission. However, in many FCC certification cases before, the applicant only remarked on the submitted materials that "the antenna gain information is declared by the manufacturer", and did not reflect the actual antenna gain information in the test report or product information. Now the FCC says that only the description in the report that the antenna gain is declared by the applicant does not meet the evaluation requirements. All applications are required to have documentation describing how the antenna gain was calculated from the data sheet provided by the manufacturer, or to provide a measurement report of the antenna.

Antenna information can be uploaded in the form of data sheets or test reports and published on the FCC website. It should be noted that due to some commercial confidentiality requirements, the antenna information or the antenna structure and photos in the test report can be set to a confidential state, but the antenna gain as the main information needs to be disclosed to the public.

Coping advice:
1.Enterprises preparing to apply for FCC ID certification: They need to add "antenna gain information or antenna test report" to the list of preparation materials;
2.Enterprises that have applied for FCC ID and are waiting for certification:They must submit the antenna gain information before entering the certification stage. Those who receive the notification from the FCC or TCB agency need to submit the antenna gain information of the equipment within the specified date, otherwise the ID may be cancelled.


Post time: Sep-01-2022