How much do you know about German GS certification?

1.The Brief Introduction of GS Certification
GS certification is a voluntary certification based on the German product safety law and tested in accordance with the EU unified standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN. It is a German safety certification mark recognized in the European market. Although the GS certification mark is not a legal requirement, it does make the manufacturer subject to strict German (European) product safety laws when the product fails and causes an accident. Therefore, the GS certification mark is a powerful market tool, which can enhance customer confidence and purchase desire. Although GS is a German standard, most countries in Europe agree. And meet the GS certification at the same time, the product will also meet the requirements of the European Community’s CE mark. Unlike CE, there is no legal requirement for the GS certification mark. However, because the safety awareness has penetrated into ordinary consumers, an electrical appliance with the GS certification mark may be more competitive than ordinary products in the market. Usually GS certified products sell at a higher unit price and are more popular.
2.The Necessity of GS Certification
(1)GS, as a sign of product safety and quality reliability, has been more widely recognized by consumers in Germany and the EU;
(2)Minimize the manufacturer’s liability risk in terms of product quality;
(3)Enhance the confidence of manufacturers in product quality, safety and compliance with legal requirements;
(4)Emphasize to consumers the obligation of the manufacturer to the quality and safety of the product;
Manufacturers can ensure to end users that products with the GS mark have passed the tests of third-party testing agencies;
(5)In many cases, the quality and safety of products bearing the GS logo exceed those required by law;
(6)The GS mark can gain higher recognition than the CE mark, because the GS certificate is issued by a third-party testing agency with certain qualifications.
3.GS Certification Product Range
household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc.
● household machinery
● sporting goods
● household electronic devices, such as audio-visual devices.
● electrical and electronic office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, shredders, computers, printers, etc.
● industrial machinery, experimental measurement equipment.
● other safety related products, such as bicycles, helmets, climbing stairs, furniture, etc.


Post time: Jun-27-2022